T Pain effect??????......?

i listen to t pain once in a while i like his songs....

but i was waching sum on youtube wen i saw many ppl saying that they hate his t pain effect and that he cant sing...

well.... the t pain effect i think is his style of singing.. like the oprea ppl wud scream or w/e.. tpain wud only do it roboticly....

and ive heard him sing without autotune he sings waayyy better... im think its because of ppl demanding soo much of artist these days but who know, i might be wrong?

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    1 decade ago
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    Its not called the T Pain effect, its called auto tune, and he didnt make it popular, Roger Troutman did. If its anybodys effect, its Roger Troutmans effect. He did it for over 20 years, T Pain has only been doing it for about 5. You only know it as the T Pain effect because you are probably real young and everything that happened before you were alive or when you were a kid didnt really happen, all life started when your teenage life started, from your perspective. Imagine if some guy named "Waldorf" (made that name up) started using that robotic sound 20 years from now, and imagine if you are 30 or 40 years old and your son says "Waldorfs sound is his sound. I like the Waldorf effect". You would be mad, because you dont know it as Waldorfs sound, you know it as T Pains sound. Waldorf stole that sound from T Pain and tryed to make it his own, well its the same thing. Roger Troutman was the first to use it in a major hit (Computer Love) and he was the one who made it popular and people copied it for awhile, then it died down, and now its back.

    The most recent song Roger Troutman used it on, was:

    2pac - California Love


    Youtube thumbnail

    Listen to that song, it came out in 1995, long before T Pain even knew what a microphone was. That song was a much bigger hit and sold more singles than ANY T-Pain song.

    The first time it was really made popular was:

    Zapp and Roger - Computer Love (1985)

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