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is that miley cyrus real e-mail? she replied me twice and i have a taken pics of that from my pc

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    of course not!! she wouldnt just give her email out to random people. if she did she would have to delete it cause of all the emails because people would give it out. (just like your doing)

    that might be like a email she has for news. did you sign up for miley cyrus news letter???

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    sorry its not.

    Miley Cyrus doesnt give her out her email. Even though I know one of them. but she doesnt reply to any of them, or messages on her myspace or stuff like that.

    she ONLY makes emails and myspaces for her and her close friends. and she wouldnt make her email something like that.


  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think so

  • Kelsey
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