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Does getting skin tags removed from your vagina hurt?

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    Hate to tell you, but they're probably not skin tags. It's more likely that they're genital warts from an HPV infection. But don't freak out too much. Most men carry HPV and 1 in 3 women contract it at some point in their lives. As sexually transmitted diseases go, HPV is about the best you can hope for. Just remember to get regular PAP smears after this.

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    I have never had tags anywhere except on the neck & I don't know if you would want to attempt to deal with yours with my method. If its big, you really should go to the doctor, because it could bleed. I leave the decision to you, but I hope you will not let embarrassment overrule your common sense. OK. Get unwaxed & unflavored dental floss, & remove a piece about 12 ". I always need help with this part, so you may need a hand or two from your husband or a friend. Tie a knot in the floss, & position it at the base of the tag. Be sure you have it at the bottom, because otherwise you will not have a satisfactory result. When it is in position, grasp floss ends about 3 " from the knot, & pull tight. You have to pull it rather quickly, but if you pull it too hard, it won't work.The tag should shear right off when you pull it tight. Obviously to start with, you need to wash your hands & the area well & dab some alcohol on before you put the floss on. When you're done, wash again & apply peroxide. Keep an eye on the spot to be sure you don't bleed. If the tag is small, you won't. In a couple days, it heals, & you are done. Please, exercise good judgment. If you try this & have a problem, going to the doctor will be even MORE embarrassing.! Good luck!

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    skin tag means a small unwanted skin hanging from your skin. actually I had this problem and I got that removed. Pain?? actually no...because they make that part numb. I hope it is not inside your vagina and is somewhere outside it

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    Sorry, but what are skin tags? And what are they doing inside your vagina?

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    i would never remove anything from your vagina even if its annoying but that's your womanhood .. doing that is just not human!

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    yes and it was disturbing when someone i didnt even knew looked at my smelly vagina

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    I would assume it would be uncomfrtable for a few days. But If your Dr. suggests it then do it.

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