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I am Tanmoy,Date Of Birth 25/01/82,Birth Time-6.55 am,Birth Place-Howrah West Bengal?

I born under Makar Rasi Makar lagna,and Saturn changing in my Rasi on September 5 or 8 2009,and since my Rahu Dasa is going on will I get any good result since Saturn is moveing?And How will be my Future,Career,Jobs?I am very much worried about my Future bcoz Presently is not going very well for me.

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    Stars and planets do not and cannot guide or control your life. Such idea is not supported by science and have no logical or scientific basis. Moreover, religion also do not support such view. None of the great religious teachers e.g., Sankaracharyya, Ramanuja, Madhabacharyya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Guru Nanak Ji, Mahavira and Jain Tirthankaras, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha etc. ever preached such views. Great Sadhus like Sant Kabir, Tailanga Swami, Guru Ramanand, Sadhak Bamakhyapa and many such others never preached or practised on the basis of such false idea of powers of stars and planets. Be brave and face the world. Have faith in yourself and try sincerely.

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