be honesy what would you do...?

i have been dating this guy for about a month and a half. we were pretty close friends before we started going out.

my problem is he is so attached to me and adors me and its great but i dont think i want to be with him any more and if i break it of i know it will crush him. and im not 100% that i wonna break it of and i dont exactly know why i just dont want to do it any more.

so my question what would you do ?

thanks and very much appreciated.

best wishes blondie.


dennetta -

im 16 as well and sounds like we have the same problem haha my guy is talking about that kinda stuff as well i hate all the pressure

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    i have the exact same problem....but he wants to marry me idk how to tell him hes in love with me nd idnt feel the same geez im only 16 haha

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    I'd give it another week, try to bring the heat back, do stuff that got you attracted to him, If your feeling doesnt change, then just sit and talk it out with him. Tell him how you feel, and how you dont think you wanna go out anymore, cause faking it would just hurt you and him.

    Hope this helps! Goodluck with him.

    Be really really really really nice about it, cuz that kind of a guy could take things the hard way, and become a stalker later.

    Source(s): been there took time doing that.
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    I think U should break up with him because it is definitely going to happen sooner or far his attachment with you is concerned, it is only going to increase if you pretend that you are with him and don't tell him the truth.....

    But you should be almost 100% sure about what you want and please don't regret your decision(whatever it is) otherwise it will hurt both of you a lot....

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    seems like he's smothering you,and girls dont like that.

    so i think you should give him a chance and just tell him to ease down a little.

    can't say what i'll do cause im a guy haha

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would tell him to give you some space

    that always works

  • 1 decade ago

    slowly push him away..? not literally though. figuratively.

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