someone using my wireless router!!!!! and downloading?

my internet is slow that means a have reached my download limit BUT i didnt download a thing and the month has just started and there are times were on my belkin router the wireless symbol glows meaning someone is using it!!!! i would like to find out what type of hardware is using it and what it has been doing


p.s. i have a wap2 password

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    You probably have a weak sauce password that someone easily hacked into. What encryption did you set your router as? WEP is flawed as it can be hacked by anybody who wants to spend 30 minutes breaking in. WPA and WPA2 can be vulnerable as well if you use a simple password such as your name. A good password would be a nondictionary word with numbers and some capitalizations in some places. The worst is not having any encryption at all meaning that anyone can use your wireless. Oh, and never leave the router name as it's default, Belkin54g makes it easier to hack.

    You have two choices you can do. While you're connected to your router, open up your favorite browser and type in your gateway address. Try,, It's different for different models. It'll ask you for a username and password, try admin and password, admin and admin, admin and pass. It's different for routers if you haven't changed it. This will open up the web-based configuration utility. You can change your wireless network name and password in here. If you think that the highjacker changed your password, you can stick a pencil in the reset button of the router for about 30 seconds.

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    You should make sure you have the necessary security measures set up on your wireless network.

    Pick a suitable security type and add a solid password so that only you can access the network wirelessly.

    You should also take a look at your monthly usage limit; how much does your ISP allow you to transfer?

    And also what do you actually use the internet for; are you watching a lot of videos over the internet? Are you using software which transfers a lot of data? that type of thing.

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    It rather relies upon on the fee that your ISP is providing you with; reckoning on what you're making use of DSL, Cable and so on. DSL is frequently slower then Cable yet once you reside in a community that has intense Cable cyber web utilization then which will sluggish your speeds. The router would be sure that the information is transmitting as quickly as achieveable to the different pcs which you're sharing your cyber web with; yet whilst the fee which you have become out of your provider service is sluggish then no longer something will help you. you could call them and ask them what optimal speeds are set for you and notice if there are any greater speeds available. additionally, be sure which you do set up your router with a password and decrease the style of pcs that could get entry to it. in case you do no longer take care of it you could produce people hacking in and sharing your bandwidth; which will sluggish you down added.

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    The Belkin can show you who has connected and it can also set up a log that keeps some data about what everyone attached to the router is doing. Better is Network Magic from

    However, even best is to set a new security key. While you are doing that change the logon user and password that comes up when you enter the routers web config page.

    The user guide provides instrucitons for your model router. If you don't have it go to and download a copy before you get into this.

    It is also possible that your really have viruses or adware slowing your computer down. Keep that in mind.

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    Just make sure you have your wireless security turned on.

    WEP2 is a popular encryption type for a password to your router.

    You can usually this up by accessing your router via an IP address.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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