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how to align directv dish?

im trying to set up the directv dish (HD). im living in 91801 area. what are the elevation,azimuth, tilt, ect for the dish? how do i calculate them. is there an exact number or i have to tune by trial and error?


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    heres a good link for you http://www.lyngsat-guide.com/index.html

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    Align Directv Dish

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    n order for a satellite dish to pick up a signal, it must have the correct alignment with the satellite. It is extremely vital to have the dish correctly installed and positioned accurately, as well. The difference in only a few degrees one way or the other will directly affect the results. If you have a satellite meter, you can quickly locate the satellite(s) needed. You can also find them without the use of a meter (satellite finder). You will need to have a compass and either be able to see a connected TV, be within earshot of a TV or have someone to assist you.

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    Search the web for "dish aiming calculator". You just enter your Zip or lat/long, and the "prime" satellite the dish aims to. You will get the Az/El/Skew you initially set the dish for. You then fine tune the dish to get the best signal.

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