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Cramping in pregnancy?

For the past few nights I have been experience cramping at night, sometimes its actually sore. No bleeding though.

Last night I woke up at 3am and my stomach felt really tight and sore and when I got up I was really sick (even though my sickness is usually only between 9am - 2pm).

Did anyone else experience cramps? I was told that I would experience "mild cramps" which I did at the start but these feel like my period cramps.

Im 10 weeks pregnant. I don't have my first meeting with my midwife until next week.


The cramps are usually on my left side in my pelvis

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    Im 10 weeks and 4 days,

    I have been getting period like cramps that last for a couple of minutes then go away

    My midwife said that its normal its just stretching,

    If it is really sore and accompanied by bleeding go straight to a and e

    be sure to mention it when u see her,

    I have stopped getting it as much now x

    Its hard not too worry but if u are really worried just fone the midwife x

    Cograts on the baby x

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    well cramps are usually very normal, i had very bad period like cramps for ages when i fell pregnant, so much so that i thought i was due my period. your body has to adjust alot to accommodate a baby the pelvic pain i would watch out for as i had a very sore pelvis during my pregnancies and i ended up needing physiotherapy..

    as for the cramps its probably just muscles stretching but if you bleed even just a tiny little bit you must call your doctor right away..when you meet with the midwife tell her about your concerns she will be able to check that everything is ok with the baby

    good luck

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    Cramps are normal. But like the person above me said if you have bleeding call your doctor immediatally!

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