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What should i do? i hav 2 frindz arguin and im frindz with both of thm but thy dnt wnt me to talk to the other?

HELP ME I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO... i want to be friends with both of them

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    These people haven't the right to tell you what to do so, so I suggest ignoring them.

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    this is a tough one. well realy they shouldnt try to make you choose.

    its realy not right but you can talk to them and explain that you dont want to choose and explain why. if there your friends they will understand. maybe your friends will forgive eachother and yall call all be friends again but realy talk to them. and tell them about how there putting you in a situation that uncomfortable. cuz you dont want to choose. theyll understand if there realy your friends.

    its better to try to talk to them than not to

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    Just tell them,I am not gonna pick sides,i don't want to be caught in between this,so leave me out or else..

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    jus tell dem how special they r to u n make dem understand de true value of friendship

    jus don't allow dem to split ...

    u make deir bond more stronger

    if u anna to b biased jus think n jus stand where u think is de right

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    dont think they have fought... talk to both of them.. and dont listen to their argument.... that will overcome ur problem.. and with time they will forget their fights

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