So Metallica is metal, right?

I have always had problems with music genres. :D

I mean, I know what's folk and what's reggae and what's classical when I hear it, alright. But sometimes everything gets so confusing o_O -- ¤ Could someone explain me, what makes Metallica metal and not rock for example? ¤ :D

Oh, and please don't send me right away to guillotine.. I'm not that stupid in other things, really... REALLY!! hahahaha ;)


josh w - just out of curiosity, what are your favourite bands then? :D

I'm not a fan of Metallica, yet, because I'm just getting into them :P

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    yes Metallica is metal.

    Its been said that "Like all rock and roll bands owe a little something to the beatles, all heavy metal bands owe a little something to metallica." and i tend to agree.

    before them you really didnt have alot of what makes metal metal.

    the double bass, the "riding of the E string", the speed, the growled vocals and the general bombastic bombast really werent around accessibly until James and Lars gave it to us. other bands did those things but they were mostly little known underground type acts. re, Venom.

    In the ensuing decades (decades?! gawd im old!) metal has been chopped up and put into tiny little boxes and its enough to confuse anyone...there has also been a great deal of dilution due to "marketing"...much like what happened to punk.

    I used to have problems like you've described. trying to put music into its "proper" spot. i gave up on it. bands can be many different genres for many different people now and its not worth the arguments.

    I now divide all music into 2(two) is stuff i enjoy hearing the other is stuff i dont...makes it much easier.

    and for all the metallica bashers...didnt you guys get the memo? hating on one of the most popular and influencial bands ever is passe and should be avoided.

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  • Depends, cos some of metallica is not metal, like the black album for instance,

    Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets are seen as metal, mainly because the guitar effects used, the speed of it and the lyrics are metal,

    Kill Em All is seen as one of the defining albums of thrash, which is fast, and mixed with punk n metal

    When you say rock, classic rock is entirely different in pace, guitars, and is more blues influenced, whereas modern rock is usually like foo fighters and ****

    thats how you tell the difference, cos rock is shite

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    1 decade ago

    I dont know what metal is anymore now a days once upon time they said AC/DC and Black Sabbath were metal now there classic rock

    so beats me dude who cares I like the music thats about it for me :)

    If it means anything to you though there Load era feel like Hard rock/Metal compared to some stuff and some things felt more thrash than other albums

    but in the end it still all FELT like Metallica from tone to voice to style to song structure ya know?

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    Metal is usually more *distorted* or has effects, not like your average hard rock song. The solos are almost essential, often include tapping, shredding, or in the case of Metallica, even emotional solos.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From Kill em All to Black Album they were metal. After the Black Album they turned into a rock band. Their latest release Death Magnetic is them going back to metal. However, Death Magnetic is not a thrash metal album. It is a Groove Metal album in my opinion.

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    1 decade ago

    Yep. Metallica is metal.

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    1 decade ago

    Metallica is metal because it is the old metal, from the 80's and they have a kick to them

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    well if they have metal in their name of course, they're thrash metal if you want to get technical

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    metallica is overrated at best and every album sounds exactly the same


    metallica blows

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