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BT broadband home page?

I used to have bt broadband home page, but since i've taken my computer back to factory settings, what i have is internet explorer/outlook express.

My old page used to have 2 search bars with my frequent sites on the right hand side.any ideas ? Thanks

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    the 2d quantity they provide you is incomprehensible quite. you will on no account could desire to apply it. human beings can nonetheless use your conventional quantity. it may desire to have something to do with BT understanding which you're utilising the internet on your calls. so in basic terms activate it like it says in the digital mail - you will observe your dial tone substitute into extra severe pitched - it quite is once you're waiting to telephone over the internet. in case you press the 5 button on your telephone it is going to change you back on your landline. although that's puzzling. BT desires to simplify it massive time!

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