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in class i have to write an essay on sweden.

i have to come up with three issues.

they are:

- a water issue in sweden

- a energy issue in sweden

- and a climate change issue in sweden

if anyone could tell me these issues, please go ahead i need help!

thank yooou

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    wiki sweden

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    Water issue? HA. We have some of the cleanes.. oh.. right

    You have the Baltic sea, the most polluted sea in the world, it is also over fished by the former Soviet ******* and it's not very salty, many rivers pour out into it so it's not salty enough for fishes and stuff that needs salt water to live in it and it is too salty for sweet water fish and stuff to live in it, meaning there aren't many species that can live in it.

    An energy issue.. many ppl dislike nuclear power, 50% of our energy consumption comes from nuclear energy, 40% hydro power and about 8%% from wind and solar and about 2% from coal. This year there has been immense interest to buy solar power cells to put on roofs because of a new policy, the government pays 60% of the cost to do it.

    By 2030 we will be completely carbon free, we are currently building what probably is the world's biggest wind park up north.

    Climate change.. it's getting warmer, no one is complaining, yet we do more than anyone else to stop it. I live in the middle of Sweden and I'm not surprised if there isn't snow at christmas, which has happened.

    That's all I can think of.

    Source(s): I'm Swedish
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