getting so tired of everything? help.?

i don't know where im at anymore, i feel like everything is on my shoulder. even when sometimes it seems like i don't even do much. i stay home 24/7 with my three kids. which is 6 yrs, 4 yrs and 3 months old baby. im always so tough on my two oldest, and i hate it. i yell at them for everything. even when they are just asking to them just playing around the house. it seems i can't control my temper.i sometime feel as if i hate my life.. to thinking why am i thinking this why. but i truly love my life.. need help. i need to get better.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need some time away from your kids. Just because you are a SAHM doesn't mean you don't do anything!! Imagine if you had to hang out with your co-workers 24/7 - you'd be feeling exactly the same way! About ready to jump off a cliff!! I know I appreciate it when I can trade childcare with other moms, or even just hang out with other moms so the baby isn't constantly in my lap screaming for me. Kids appreciate the change of routine too. What you are going through is 100% normal.

    Source(s): Mom of 2 year old and 7 mo. old.
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    sounds like post natal depression to me. When I had my second child 12 months ago, I felt exactly like you as I also had a 18 month old toddler to deal with. By baby cried constantly and I spent the first 8 months just trying to talk my self into staying sane. Turns out my bub had milk protein and soy allergy which was causing colic and constipation. I think you should go see your doctor and have a chat, they may be able to prescribe something to help or maybe counselling will be helpful. I'm also in a mothers group that meets every week and they are amazing to talk too. It helps me feel like I'm not alone in the motherhood struggle. might be good idea to check if you have some in your area.

  • Anonymous
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    You probably need help! Taking care of three kids by yourself and without assistance or a break could stress out anyone. You might need to work, find a babysitter, or day care. Have something else meaningful in your life. Find some relatives or friends to help you or a male partner. I can tell you me and my wife have one daughter age 4, we could not take care of three kids without help. Both of us work, I work at home and take care of my daughter during the day. We are planning a second child in a few years, pacing ourselves when the time is right. You just sound overwhelmed and need a new plan to be able to handle it.

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    i kind of know how you feel, i am not a stay at home mum and i only have one 3 year old, and yes i feel like i am always shouting at him and i hate it, i look at him when he is asleep and i feel sooooooooooooo guilty. you probably dont even know what it is thats wrong but its all the little things that just build up.

    do you go out much or socialise?

    i know i dont, and i think that is the cause of it, i am always at work or with my son and never any time for me!

    hopefully i am going to change this and things might improve and i might be a more calmer person.

    sorry if its no help just to let you know your not on your own


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  • 1 decade ago

    You seem run down and depressed. You don't hate your life, but its impossible to feel happy and content with things when you're depressed. You really should talk to a doctor, as your little on is only 3 months old, it could be caused by a chemical imbalance and they will be able to help you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi, i know how you feel, i have 2 daughters a one and a half year old and a 4 month old.

    I was feeling like you are so went to my doctor and he prescribed me anti-depresants and iron pills.

    after a week i felt great! so i highly reccommend you do the same.

    goodluck with it.

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