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i do not understand why?

ok well my thought to be best friend and i haven't talked in like 2-3 weeks and today at school i found out a little about it why. apparently its cos i talked to my ex. but i'm guessing its amongst other things. anyway i like her like more then a friend and that aint gonna change anytime soon. i don't know what to do.

my older sisters friend suggested writing a letter or e-mail asking her about it all and talking to her about it but idk.

ps. i'm 15


but i don't know what to say in the letter if i write it

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    I say avoid the letter and just talk to her maturely..

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    The letter idea is pretty good. Start off by gently asking if you've done anything to upset her, and you're sorry if you have and want to make things right again. Also if you think it's relevent, tell her you like her more than a friend (if you want her to know, that is). Just write from the heart truthfully and clearly. If she doesn't respond to the letter, talk to her in person, and be calm and sincere. Good luck.

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    jus tell in de letter

    dat v ver very close earlier now i find a distance between us n make him/her understand dat u value her friendship n u do missed it a lot these days

    tell him/her how speciall they r to u....n jus don't write a letter or email

    jus try talkin personally... n b calm n humble wen u speak

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    that is a good idea

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