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how can i loose weight?

ive tried a lot of exercises but they didn't work for me.

i wanna loose about 5 pounds before i start school. and i feel like im never full. is there any kinds of foods that can make me feel full for a long period of time? or at least some exercises that can help me loose weight(in my arms, tummy, and thighs) ?


Btw, ima Vegetarian.

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    Hmm by the way you sound, you want to lose more than 5 pounds. This is my question: What is your weight?

    Don't eat dairy, or eat almost none, If you drink milk, drink none fat milk. Cut your carbs way down. Cut your calories down. If you miss launch, or any other meal, don't make up for it at dinner or any other time. Do not eat passed 7:30pm, Maybe a small portion of fruit. And do cardio every other day. Start out at around 20 minutes of running and keep going up in time as you are comfortable.

    Or you can just go straight to this drug: DNP in other words = 2,4-Dinitrophenol


    Click on the Thread that says How to not F*ck up DNP


    Source(s): This is my source and diet. Although DNP Information goes to: (Heretic) at mesomorphoses.com
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    before you start skool????

    you could buy a wii fit they are great for loosing weight and toning...for the food try to eat more food that are low gi and stay away from high gi foods.

    here is some foods

    Low GI Foods

    * Oats e.g. porridge or natural muesli

    * Multi-grain bread

    * Pasta

    * Low-fat milk and yoghurt

    * Most fruit

    * Sweet corn

    * Sweet potato

    * Legumes

    High GI Foods

    * White bread

    * Rice-based crackers

    * White rice

    * Wheat-based breakfast biscuits

    * Glucose

    * Jelly lollies

    * White Potato

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    yeah i learned a few trick of my own! (going for 6 pack abs )

    drink allot of water ! they can help fill you up.

    eat allot of protein they fill you up = chicken , turkey

    also if your still hungry eat allot of bulky foods like fruits and vegetables.

    for the exercise part

    do alot of cardio like jogging for 1 hour

    lift weights

    crunches , sit ups , push ups


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    wayyyyyy too many questions like this out there

    losing weight isnt hard to understand how to do it, execution is the hard part

    eat right and exercise

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