Any reason for the Longhorns to play tougher non-conference teams?

They already have to play in the Big12 south; the toughest division in college football

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    Yes, because it wasn't always like that and it won't always be like that. Schedules are made anywhere between 1-5 years ahead, and I seriously doubt that Texas thought a couple of years ago that their division would be tough, they hoped, but I guarantee they didn't plan on it.

    Right now, because of how weak their schedule is, they would have a tough time making a BCS title game if they and other teams go undefeated. And if they lost 1 game during the regular season and were unable to win their conference, their is a good chance they may not make a BCS game at all, simply because of that schedule.

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    Oklahoma is playing BYU and Miami this year. Maybe they are already building a case to win a tie-breaker because of a tougher schedule. Just something to think about. I'm a Mizzou fan and I hate any team anywhere close to the Red River. There is no question that the south is the toughest division again. You better watch out for OK ST. They will have an extremely balanced offensive attack. They will be just as unstoppable as the Sooners this year.

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    Nah, I don't guess so. Any team that could win conferences like the Big 12 or SEC undefeated, or with one loss, should make the national title game, definitely.

  • 1 decade ago

    So they don't get screwed like they did last season!

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