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is it true that my iq is this high?

i took a test online not too long ago and it said i had an iq of 149 i am a junior in high school with c average grades and yet the test that i took says im a genius can this be true?

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    Online IQ tests are NOT accurate; they don't agree with the real tests and tend to give everyone high scores in the hopes you'll buy something from them. I've taken most of them for fun, and one actually claimed my IQ was 179 - off by at least 50 points if not many more.

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    Online IQ tests aren't accurate, so there's no point in saying you have an IQ of 149 because it's not reliable. Take a test from Mensa or a psychologist, as the tests they give are much more accurate.

    As for your grades, geniuses sometimes get bored and as a consequence do badly at school, but to be honest they're only fooling themselves. Hard work and perseverance usually gets the grades, not intelligence alone.

    I hope this helps.

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    Online IQ tests vary. Some that you may find are quite accurate so it may be true. However some like the ones that ask what your favorite colour is a question or that you can do in five minutes generally just make up random results.

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    I took an official IQ test in 8th grade and it said I was 134, then 5-6 years later I remember taking an online IQ test and it said my IQ was 132.

    So... It could be right.

    I was never an all A student. In fact, in college now I am more like an all C student, mostly because I am smart enough to know that most of what is taught in college is worthless to my future success anyways, so there is little point in wasting my energy with trivial work.

    Bahahahh.. Yes. You might be technically a genius. But, who cares?

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    Duuude. When were you born? last week? pfff!!!!

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