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gym vs video workout for effective weightloss?

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    its really personal preference.

    If you get bored easily and need excercise to be fun to continue doing it then the repetitive video workout is least likely to be effective.

    There are many different excercise machines in a gym so you can swap your routine up and get an effective result on all body parts.

    I would definitely vote for the gym,not only because you are most likely to stick at it longer but it does burn more calories in my opinion.

    hope i helped! =]

    Source(s): I have done both and found the gym much more effective.
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    Gym easily, workout videos use models that don't use the same program they're trying to feed you to get into the kind of shape they're in.

    If you can't afford a gym the poor man's route to a great body is just push ups and pull ups. Do as many sets of those until you get really tired, then run a mile and you will see great results.

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    1 decade ago

    Gym , all the time.

    you already burn energy getting to the gym

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