ok so i met this guy....guys advice pleasee?

at the bar like a month ago and i got WAYYY too drunk and so he let me stay at his house so i wouldnt have to drive home...he was a real gentleman and we watched a movie and when i crashed out he put a blanket on me and stuff then went to bed. He didnt get my number or anything so i just blew it off. but then this weekend i ran into him at the bar again, and we talked ALLL night long and had a great time together. He did get my number this time but towards the end of the night my friend danny waved me over to this group of guys he was talking to. so i went over and it was a group of minor league baseball players and they all wanted me to go to the strip slub with them...i really wanted to hang out with the other guy that i had been talking to all night but my friend wanted to go with the baseball guys, so we ended up going and with them and im pretty sure the other guy saw me leave with like 15 hott guys.

im sure he thinks im a total slut now but i really really liked this guy, needless to say he didnt call. so i texted him just to say hello. and he asked when i would be in town again, i said im in town like every weekend, and instead of asking for a date he said good well maybe we will run into each other again..

i dont understand.

i dono if he is just scared to ask for a date or if he just doesnt want one

should i just forget about it, or is there a way to fix this??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    now he thinks that you had sex with all of them and you just dont give a sh*t about him

    translating your conversation:

    you: hello(which means are you mad at me)

    the guy:when he said when you would be in town again(really ment when should i avoid you)

    you: said im in town like every weekend (which ment i will be banging other guys every weekend)

    the guy; good well maye we will run into each other again( which ment i hope I dont see you any more you s l u t

    but to not be that harsh maybe you can call him if you didnt screw it up

  • 1 decade ago

    i think i was like that guy for a while, a short while tho. i really think he is afraid to ask you out, most likely he is shy and possibly intimidated by you. do you think he would have answered you message if he didn't want to hang out with you.

    go to the bar in the weekend, hang with him for a while, tell him you are bored with the bar, ask him to go somewhere with him, a movie or something and make a move, but i think you know best :)

    good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He thinks you're a slut because you went off with 15 men to a strip bar. What else was he supposed to think?

  • 1 decade ago

    He probably thought that you had no interest in him after you went off with those baseball players.

    Try running into him again I suppose, and talk with him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i tihnk he likes you but he doesnt want to seem to desperate since it seems like you have guys all over you ya know?

    next time you see him ask him out!

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