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What is causing the loud ticking on my Jeep Cherokee?

Just pulled home and noticed my jeep has a loud ticking sound coming from the front or the bottom of the engine compartment. Sounds like a rollercoaster cranking up its hill but a faster tick. It does not tick when I am accelerating but it does tick when in park or when not using the throttle.

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    The ticking noise could be a cracked or leaky exhaust manifold. This is another common issue.It could also be the piston is a little loose and is slapping around in the cylinder which is a design flaw. The water pump is right on the first cylinder and its over cooled so it wears out faster then the rest . .

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    IF the sound is coming from the front top of the engine it may just be a hydraulic lifter that has reached the end of its life. These typically wear out and start ticking at low oil pressure/rpm. At faster speeds when there is higher oil pressure you will not notice it. Also may be more noticeable with a cold engine when you first start it up before the oil has reached the correct pressure. The ticking is caused by the fact that there is a gap between the valve stem and the hydraulic piston in the lifter. The lifter piston is leaking oil by so it doesn't pump up correctly, higher oil pressure compensates for this somewhat so you may not notice it at the faster rpms. You should notice the ticking increases with engine speed. If one lifter has worn out, others are sure to follow. They are easy to replace if you are mechanically inclined. Also inexpensive. Might be worth to do all of them and put in a new valve cover gasket too!

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    I agree it's most likely a lifter issue, take the valve cover off and with a piece of hose VERY CAREFULLY listen to each cylinder for the knock. Also, a valve spring could be the culprit. put some pressure on the springs and see if the noise goes away. But first, add some SeaFoam to the oil drive for about 100 miles then change the oil. SeaFoam will help free up sticky lifters...If you notice that the knock has weakened or got better, do another SeaFoam treatment. Yyou can also slowly suck some into the brake booster as it idles then drive it. it's gonna smoke like hell this is all the carbon crap burning out of your intake....but has nothing to do with your knock just good maintenence)

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    Hi it dose sound like the manifolds are not seated correctly this will make quite a noise.If you spray some service spray (wd40) along where the inlet manifold meets the head with the engine running and the engine revs up this will confirm that the inlet manifold is not seated. Be care full when doing this not to have the engine to hot as you don't want service spray to ignite on the exhaust manifold, If the inlet manifold doesn't fit its a good bet that the exhaust dose not and that will turn heads.

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    Had the same sound on my Wagoneer. Took it into a shop and had the lifters adjusted. Your case might be the same or you might need a little more work depending on the wear. Get it checked out as quick as you can. The longer you put it off the longer it will remain out of adjustment and you will have a bigger problem than just a ticking noise. Good Luck

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    You could have a serious problem like a bad rod bearing but check some simple stuff first.

    Take a look at the damper on the front of the crank. It it has separated, it can be rubbing the front cover. Also check for anything that could be hitting the fan. I had my winch power lead hitting the fan under some conditions. I could hear it but not see it until it started sparking - very scary.


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    i had a 94 cherokee that clicked all of the time it was the lifters for the valves they make a special oil that supposedly helps but it didnt work for mine but i have seen it work for an s-10 its called cd-2 and its in a yellow bottle.if the noise goes away when you are driving it cant be a connecting rod,trust me if it was a rod you would know it very fast.

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    It could be a lifter like everyone else thinks but be sure to check all of your pulleys, fan... and check your oil level. See if you can isolate where the sound is coming from. could also be a small exhaust tick but that will usually stay with it through revving the engine.

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    Make sure you are using 10w30 or heavier oil. Some people get ticking when using 5w30 on high mileage engines, or when oil pressure drops as the oil filter clogs and the relief valve opens.

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