Masturbation and Lack of Relationship?

I'm a slightly awkward, gay 16 years old and starting my senior year in the fall. I've been single for some time now, but all of a sudden in the past 3 months or so my lack of a relationship has gotten to me. Not to mention that my hormones have been boiling over. Recently, Ive masturbated up to 4 or 5 times a day ( which, i mean is good for the soul i suppose ), but this is out of the ordinary of me.

Bottom line. I REALLY need to get laid. Or so it seems.

The problem is, i look so much like a straight girl that i cant seem to find a girl that will approach me, or one that i can get to know. So I constantly end up with MUCH unwanted attention from guys. I feel as though im doomed to be a slightly awkward queer virgin for life. Help?

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    WIllow has some spot on advice! The only thing I can add is:

    Just because you appear straight doesn't mean anyone isn't interested. Lesbians come in many different sizes, flavors, & appearances. I know this is easier said than done as a teen, when it's all about appearances & fitting in, but:

    Embrace your femininity & your style!

    Having confidence in yourself is also a major attractant. If boys try to kick game to you, just politely decline. Trust me, there are girls in your school or within your groups/circles who are family who would be overjoyed at the news. Know that this awkwardness you feel is temporary, & just keep on being YOU. You'll find some lucky lady who will help you relieve your stress so you won't have to battle your hormones alone!

    Good luck.

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    Well you could broadcast.. Like get a shirt with a gay pride logo on it. That'd thwart off the horny boys.

    As far as your.. um.. playtime, don't you worry, I used to try to hump everything. I used to do the same thing. It's just puberty I reckon.

    Hang in there. College will be when the real fun starts. You'll have straight girls wondering if they're batting for the wrong team LOL.

    Just hang in there. I went through it too.

  • My name is Taylor too :)

    Instead of being approached, why don't you do the approaching?

    My dear, make sure you are keeping busy in activities and hobbies :) You'll meet new people, stay busy, and most of all you'll have fun.

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