What should I do (wife took my kid after missunderstanding)?

Okay, long story but here's the gist of it,

Two months ago, I was having sex with my wife, and when I was having an orgasm apparently I said "Keira" out loud. The problem is that my four year old daughter's name is Keira, and my wife freaked out about it, and didn't seem to believe me when I said I only said it cuz I was thinking of Keira Knightley, who I used to find very attractive in some of her movies, and was thinking about when I was having sex.

My wife I guess thought it was too big of a coincidence cuz Keira is an uncommon name, and my wife had never heard of the actress Keira Knighley so she didn't really believe me, and I guess she actually thought I was fantasizing about my 4 year old daughter.

Well she acted really weird around me for the next few weeks after that happened, and then the second problem happened.

My daughter loves dolls, and my wife buys a lot of them for her. Well a few weeks after the "Keira" incident, I was home alone with my daughter when my wife was out shopping, and my daughter ran into my computer room with one of her dolls and she had taken all the clothes off the doll and said "why is there not anything between their legs daddy!?" to me. So, I thought about lying to her and saying that boys and girls don't have anything between their legs, but I figured this would seem like a pretty blatant lie to her, given that she must have obviously known that there are parts down there that were missing on the dolls, otherwise why would she ask about it in the first place. So I said "Oh, I think they just forgot to put it on at the factory" and I grabbed the doll and drew a vagina between its legs with a sharpie and stabbed a hole there with the letter opener and gave it back to her.

Of course when my wife got home the first thing my daughter did was run over to her and said "MOMMY LOOK DADDY FIXED MY DOLL FOR ME IT HAS A THING BETWEEN ITS LEGS NOW THEY FORGOT AT THE FACTORY DADDY SAID NOW HE FIXED IT!"

Well, my wife was already weirded out by the Keira thing I guess more than I realized she was, so she flipped out and packed all her stuff up and left with my daughter and I haven't seen my daughter since then. My wife won't even let me see my daughter at all, I don't know what to do.

Should I call a lawyer?

I don't really want to go to court, cuz it would make such a big deal out of it and if my wife's lawyers were better than mine maybe I could even lose even though I'm innocent and then I'd have no chance of ever seeing my daughter again.

I'm really depressed over all of this, and it's just ridiculous cuz there's not even anything wrong with me, my wife is just missunderstanding everything. I can't sleep and every day i just get angrier and angrier. What the hell am I supposed to do, I didn't even do anything to deserve this, I want to see my daughter.

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  • Shay
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    1 decade ago
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    First of all, get counseling to prove to your wife that you are alright. Second, I think you need counseling because most men do not do things like that to their child's doll. Most parents would say that there is nothing between a dolls legs because it is not nice to look at a naked body like that. (it doesn't traumatize the child because they forget all about it when they hit puberty.) If you go to a lawyer, it will become very messy. But you may want to get a lawyer advice on how to get visitation rights. You will end up having to tell them this whole story to explain why you are separated anyway. Besides, it is most likely only a matter of time before your wife gets a lawyer and hits you with divorce papers anyway. And you will need a lawyer then.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    c being a mother ur wife's thoughts r right. we can't trust anyone. u 9 better about ur thoughts. bt u need to think over what u have done with the doll. talk to ur wife and if ur conscious is clear then u can convince her. but remember that u r better judge.and if smwhere u r wrong then u need a consellor.

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    dude- your wifes name isnt"Keira" and you yelled another girls name out during an orgasm.. thats her problem- you should be thinking of your wife but you yelled out a porno name instead... maybe your wife doesnt like you viewing porn? as far as the doll incident i think you shouldagot play dough and added balls to it gl dude

    -Bfactor fan :-)

  • If it sounds like a freak.............

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