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Asthma help at school?

My teacher smokes cigars in class all day and i have asthma, what is a good way to help me breathe.

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    I have no idea what type of school your speaking about but for the last many years there happens to be a no smoking anywhere on school grounds in the U.S. call the principal in and tell her.

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    which country u r in? complain to the principal and police.I dont know whether it is allowed in ur country.

    for asthma u have to take medication during the acute attack.(consult a doctor.)

    u do breathing exercises when not in attack(asthma) ie inhale deeply and fully . stop as much as possible and exhale. repeat the sme procedure . as the days pass u will do it for more time and ur lung capacity increases and helps u a lot.

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    Getting her in trouble!

    Tell your parents or complaint to the school!

    Tell your parents and let them handle it!

    You can get an asthma attack and die. That is called second-hand smoke. That's the worst ever! You need to speak up and tell your parents before they end up burying you.

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    any teacher smoking in class is pretty much breaking the law: no smoking in schools or public places. the whole concept sounds odd to me. where do you go to school - germany? or a test lab for rats

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    Have your parents wright a letter to the principle, because this is very dangerous.

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