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Does this dream mean anything or no?

I have had dreams like this like 2 or 3 times


a long time ago I had a dream my brother was really nice to me (which he is usually rude) and he took me to a library and it was about to close and there was this freaky owl dude who would like kill us if we would get out of the library. and that whold time my brother and I would be so nice to each other and stick together. (we are never nice to each other) then we were locked in the room becuase we didn't return our books and we didn't get out before it that room we began to grow closer. We still act like we hate each other even though we never did, but does it mean that someday we will have to stick together or something? idk....

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    This dream does mean something and very good ones actually. You and brother love each other very much.

    Because wherever you go and whatever you do both of you always be together. Whilst you`re young you don`t feel much about it, as time goes by, you`ll realize it.

    Keep as much photos as you can, one day when you look back, you`ll see the power of recollections!

    Source(s): 888 Why time flies and can not be rotated?
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    sounds promising. I'm no dream expert so i apologize.

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