Ideas for husband's birthday gift?

My husbands birthday is coming up (Sep 3) and I really want to get him something nice, he's turning 21 so it's a pretty big deal!

Anyways, his interests are Sports(Football, Soccer-eng premier, baseball) History(HUGE history nut) Guitar(plays), Music(Screamo-hardcore), Movies(fav. includes anything with shooting and big booms =) loves war movies as long as it doesnt incl anything romantic, pearl harbor is out of the question)

I'm having a hard time deciding because it seems he has everything he wants, ipod, guitar, latest vid games..

He told me he wanted a 32" LCD flatscreen he saw to make a game room but we already have a 42" and a 22" so idk.. and then he told me he wants a wallaby, then wanted a puppy. I want to get him something he'll love that isn't completly impractical. Obviously, he's not geting the wallaby.

I just want to make his bday AMAZING please help me out!!

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    look at for ideas.

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    Do something special for him.

    Throw him a big surprise party since it's his big 2-1.

    Invite all his friends, get some alcohol, and have a good time.

    - Throw him a surprise party at a restaraunt.

    What about getting him:

    - a a new fossil watch. Those are really nice & not too expensive.

    - tickets to his favorite sport.

    - take him out on a weekend getaway, just you and him!

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    Here's an idea :)

    Ok so what you do is you take him out to pick out a puppy for his birthday (about mid-afternoonish...)

    A few weeks or days or before the closest sports game he likes to watch to his birthday, invite his friends, maybe a couple others, and instruct them to hide somewhere... backyard? another floor in an apartment? inside somewhere (if your willing to lend a key!!)

    And have them all come and surprise for example lets say you live in a house... instruct them to hide in the back yard..

    then you go inside with the puppy.. and you like tell him to do something.. like downstairs, then you quickly/quietly hurry everybody inside and the tell him to come back upstairs for a second..

    SURPRISE!!!!! :D

    Haha. or if you live in an apartment

    Instruct them to go on another floor...

    then ask you husband to clean the toilet.. or bathtub or something.. then get everybody in ....

    tell him to come out SURPRISE!!

    xD or you can have everybody there already when you come home with the puppy...

    Make sure that you get pizza (or whatever his fave food is) drinks (Alchohol?? Pepsi??) Make sure the house is fairly clean for guessts tho :)

    Here's another idea.

    Maybe you two can do something fun for the day.. like a day trip.. or a one night stay somewhere withing the State/Province..?

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    How about a guitar and lessons paid for. If you can afford this. If not do what most people your age do.Bake him a birthday cake, take him out to dinner.Give him a big singing birthday card and hugs.

    Thoughts are what counts.

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    Here ya go. do a scavenger hunt ending up in a bar or two getting his free drinks.(most bars will give him a free one on his 21st) give him a card sending him to the next place and the next with addresses and clues .most businesses will be thrilled to help him out or stop at a friends house and pick up a gift you

    ve left previously with another clue to to the next... you could have so much fun with it. send him to the video stores and have a gift card in a card for them to give to him and so on.

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    5 years ago

    Order Omaha Steaks, and a new barbeque set. The glamour shots sound nice too.

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    1 decade ago

    im a 15 year old boy and i know what your husband would want

    a pocket knife

    a rifle


    a puppy (as described in the question)

    a psp

    rockband/guitar hero

    new shoes

    new cell phone

    Source(s): my boy brain
  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe a puppy and a shotgun, so he can train the puppy into a hunting dog and go duck hunting.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oakley sunglasses, they are kind of pricey but very nice, and a sporty person like him would love them.

  • 1 decade ago

    NFL Football game to play on the computer?

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