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ok i have a few simple questions

1.is it ok to get a rat when school starts? i leave my house at 7:10 am no MATTER WHAT! unless im running late :) and dont forget homework studying and all that stuff!!! i come home around 4:15 or later

2.where should i out my rats? i could put them where i always put my other rodents but becuz im putting them on the floor (cuz the cage is 30' tall) im worried my dog might stress them out....or i could put it in my room...but again im putting it in my room on the the floor! and my room does get pretty hat ONLY when the doors shut and everything!

3.could i put a THIN blanket over there cage so the dog doesnt see then and they dont see the outside?? but im worried if they dont get enough oxygen cuz im putting them in the corner so nothing bad happens...but they can also get hot....but then again this blanket is SUPER UPER thin!!!!! so yea...

4.are rats nocturnal? someone told me no

5.which bedding do you reccomend? carefresh ultra or the blue eco bedding (maybe green)???

thanx!! any tips are WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I work all day and get home to my rats in the evening. They are babies and they like to sleep during the day so it won't matter if you leave them until you get home. The best thing to do would be to feed them just before doing your homework and play with them after.

    2. When they are babies they will have a lot to get used to in one go. The best thing to do is to put them in your room so they get used to you initially. If it is too hot in there then you can move the cage to another room later after they know you. Rats adapt quickly so they won't mind being moved to another room. I moved house and had to travel with my previous rats and they settled really easily.

    3. Blankets aren't a good idea. I found my rats just chewed through anything material that went over or in the cage. If the cage goes in your room so they get used to you and then the cage is moved to where the dog sees it then they can get used to the dog later. If the dog leaves them alone then there is no need for a blanket. Besides they like to be able to see the natural light and come out to play when it is evening.

    4. Rats can be nocturnal. They usually come out in the evening. It depends on the routine they have with you and how they adjust. When they get used to your pattern of getting up and going to school and feeding in the evening and playing with them they will adapt to how you work.

    5. I always use carefresh bedding. Saw dust causes respiratory problems and paper bedding can smell much more quickly. Carefresh stays cleaner for longer (although you should clean the cage regularly regardless) and also gives the rats something to bury in or hide their excrement.

    Tips with rats: When feeding them use rat nuggets so they get all their nutrients and vitamins. Give them healthy treats occasionally like carrot or non green fruit and veg. They can get constipated or get diaohreeah if they have too many treats too often.

    They can also learn tricks or do funny things. Most pet stockists and some supermarkets sell rat chocolate drops as a treat. I have found they are a good reward for pets when playing with them so they get used to you.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. Yes, you can get a rat any time! They don't need much attention in the day cause they're sleeping.

    2. The dog might stress them out, so I would start with them in your room. After they know there's a dog around, then you can move them into the other room with the other animals.

    3. The blanket is a good idea. But if it gets too hot, turn the fan on and take the blanket off. It's almost a good thing if the dogs sees them.

    4. They're somewhat nocturnal. They do sleep in the day but get active towards evening, or "study time".

    5. Any bedding's fine.

    TIP: Clean their cage at least once a week. Maybe twice.

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    1. yes! it's fine to get a rattie when school starts! for some reason, time passes a lot faster for them than it does for us. As long as you get him/her a buddy, he/she will be fine. though. i recommend a good pet store or, a breeder. both of my rats that i got from Petco ended up with tumors and didn't live to even 2.5 years old.

    2.you should put them on a little table or something similar and make sure your dog stays away from them. dogs will stress them out, and the dog could get a little too curious and kill them accidentally. Or, if you have a terrier or a dog bred for hunting, that could get dangerous. if you keep them in your room, just keep a fan blowing(when it's hot) or a window open if you're comfortable with it.

    3.i wouldn't put a blanket over the cage unless you want a holey blanket. ratties chew anything and everything. almost anything they find goes into their mouths. i would cover my birds, which were right next to the rat cage, and the blanket got a little too close to the rat's cage and i woke up, and 1/2 of the blanket was in the rat's cage, being used as bedding. i don't think oxygen would be a problem as long as you left one face of the cage open though...

    4.yes, rats are nocturnal. although they can adjust to your schedule so that they would sleep during the night like you.

    5. anything that's not pine, cedar, or too dusty. you probably already know that those bedding types will make it difficult for your rat(s) to breath and it could get a resperitory infection. or something similar. carefresh is a good brand though, and i reccomend it. here are a few tips too!

    - introduce strange rats to eachother in a place neither has ever been before

    - quarentine both rats in seperate cages until you know that both are healthy(about 2 weeks)

    - let them crawl all over you so that they get used to you and your smell

    -don't get mad at them. some ratties are sensitive and will be offended.

    -mixing a really good odor control bedding with a normal one will keep the stink down really well

    hope i helped and good luck with your new rattie(s)!!!!!!!! :)

    Source(s): rat owner for 2.5 years
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    Rats are perfect pets to keep when you're not around. Rats CAN be nocturnal depends on hat you get. Rats, or other rodents, can live on such little food and if you're gone for most of the day then make sure to give them a lot of food.

    Put the rodents on the counter so your dog doesn't brother them. And you should talk to a professinal about the blanket because it depends. If it is nocturnal then go on ahead and if its not u may be messing up their sleeping schedule.

    and i recomend carefresh ultra works that best thatrs what i use and from past experience! have fun :)

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    hi rats are wonderful animals!! go for getting them. they will be fine when your gone. rats sleep alot in the day and at night. mine allways wake up when i come home at 3;30 pm. i go to school too. rats are not like hamsters in alot of ways rats love to be loved and love to be with you. make sure they are handtamed from a breeder not a petstore. if you do get one from a pet store you will have too spend much more time with them when just to tame them. make sure to hold your rats everyday till they are about 6 months even if its only 5 mins a day so they wont be hyper and jumpy when you hold them. mine dont smell but if your room is really hot then i dont know. if they do smell a little just buy bi-oder just put it in there water i use it for my mice. carefresh bedding is good you should try both to see what you like better. both rooms would be fine. dont use the blanket the rats wont like it.about the dog as long as they cant get out of the cage it will be fine. show the dog the rat and say no when rats in the cage. the dog will forget about the rat in the cage. have a great day and your animals too!!!

    Source(s): own 6 rats have about 50 animals.
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    Yes its okay to get a rat when school starts. they are nocturnal so would be sleeping while you are at school and when you get home you can play with them. they need to be taken out of there cage every day for at least 1 hour. and fed twice each day. there cage needs to be cleaned 2-3 days a weak.

    yes your dog will stress them out because rats hate predators obviously and it isnt recommended to leave them where cats or dogs are. besides the dog probably wont leave the rats alone because he would be too interested. i think it would be safer to put them in your room then close the door so your dog cant get in. rats do not care about heat at all. they are very used to heat. they sleep in peoples roofs in summer that would be pretty hot. and remmeber dont put a fan on them or anything because thats how they get respiratory infections. u can put a cold brick and cold bowl of water in their cage. and also play a game called "pea fishing" you can look it up on google.

    the dog will know they are there anyway with the blanket because he would be able to smell the rats and hear them. the dog will be over excited either way. they would get enough oxygen but i wouldnt recommend having the blanket over the whole time.

    yes rats are nocturnal. they sleep at day, active at night. but they can sometimes adjust to your schedule like they will learn to sleep when you sleep etc.

    i recomend carefresh Ultra is the absoulute BEST bedding you can get. avoid cedar and pine shavings.

    a tip: get two rats, they will groom, play, snuggle up together and just plain keep eachother company. get two of the same sex. heres a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDy3bMRuobE

    Youtube thumbnail


    another tip: they need to be mentally stimulated a lot so remember to keep making them toys! heres a great site for simple homemade toys. http://www.dapper.com.au/toys.htm

    hope i helped!!

    email for more info lissa-@live.com

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    If you don't have time for your rats, then you really shouldn't get one. They are extremely social animals. If you "must" get one and can't devote lots of time with them, then you need to really get 2 same sexed ratties. I spend several hours a day with my boys, not including cleaning cages which I do daily and every Saturday I do a massive sterilizing cleaning which takes a couple of hours.

    If you do get them, at first you should put them in a place where they will not get stressed out. Let them get use to their new home before introducing other animals, including other rats. I have 3 cats and a chinchilla (the chinny bounces off their cage) and no one really freaks out. Your bed room should be fine as long as it isn't REAL hot in there. If it does seem to get hot, make sure they have lots of water, and maybe give them an ice cube or two inside their water bottle.

    If you put a blanket over their cage, they WILL pull it in the cage and proceed to making lovely rattie artwork with the blanket. But really if it gets hot, then you shouldn't put the blanket over the cage for any extended period of time.

    Yes rats are nocturnal. I tried and tried the whole waking them up during the day and yeah, doesn't work for my boys.

    I prefer the carefresh ultra it seems to absorb more than the other kinds. And sometimes the color has bleed on me before but looks pretty in the cage, but remember the rats don't care what color it is as long as it is clean.

    Easy tip here, if you aren't going to be able to spend tons of time with them, they need lots of toys, I keep any kind of food box and give it to them. And wicker baskets they love them. I make hammocks and ropey ladders out of old sweatshirts and jeans.

    Source(s): many years of rattie babies
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    Rats are great pets, but it's because they are rats. They will adapt well to almost any conditions. They won't care what time you leave for school or when you do your homework. They don't care what kind of bedding you use as long as they can nest in it. They may even get used to the dog as long as it leaves them alone. I found that as long as they have everything they need in your room they don't really care to leave. But they are rats, and rats like to chew and nest so watch out for your carpets in places like the closet.

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