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37wks & wondering about the cord wrapped around teh baby's neck?

Ok I have been watching baby story and bringing home baby etc and it seems like on the shows a cord wrapped around the neck is no big deal. Would a doctor be able to know about that before the baby is born. This just really creeps me out and is why I have really been counting her kicks thru the day.

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    MANY babies come out with the cord wrapped around the neck. This is generally not a problem, as the cord is long and stretchy. What they get you to do is not push again straight away so they can lift the cord over bubby's head before you push the body out so it doesn't tighten around the neck. If the cord is too tight to lift over the neck, or it is wrapped more than once, they clamp and cut it before the rest of the baby is delivered. Generally no big deal.

    I think you may be asking about the cord being wrapped around the baby's neck in utero though? If this is the case, yes it happens, and yes, it's no big deal. It is very very rare that a cord tangling accident happens in utero and causes the death of an infant. VERY rare, and frankly, not worth worrying about, because there is nothing you can do about it anyway. Firstly, the baby does not get it's air through it's neck, but the cord, so the cord would have to somehow cause a break in the baby's neck (this is impossible as far as I am aware.) The only way the air would be cut off to the baby in a cord mishap would be for some severe kinks in the cord to cut of oxygen. (And I have only ever heard of this once, in a poorly developing pregnancy) Like I said, very rare.

    A doctor may or may not be able to tell if the cord is around the baby's neck in your belly (by ultrasound I assume?), but, like anything else that is likely to distress your bub in utero, he will be able to tell by the heartbeat.

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    it depends on the situation. Most babies can be born normally with the cord around their neck with minimal concern. However there are occasions when it can cause problems. I was a week over due and was being induced. As soon as they put the IV in with the drugs to induce we lost my little mans heart beat. I was given an emergancy c section and the doctor said afterwards that the contractions were causing the cord to tense around my little mans neck causing the heart rate drop. He also said this is probably why i went overdue as we all thought i was going to deliver a little early. But at the end of the day my son is happy and healthy and arrived safely. Try not to ruin the end of your pregnancy worry too much. Chances are that the cord are not around his neck and if they are then you doctors and nurses will know exactly what to do. Good Luck

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    old wives tale say if you bend over or lift your hands above your head the cord can wrap but its an old wives tale. about 25% of all births have the cord wrapped around the baby's neck sometimes multiple times. so it is relatively common. 99% of the time they can unwrap the cord before the baby is even completely out. my daughter had her cord around her neck twice but she also ended up being a c-section (2 1/2 hours of pushing to no avail) and she is completely fine. sometimes the cord can even wrap around arms or legs. i know it is scary but just know you have lots of doctors there and you and you bundle of joy will be ok! congrats mama!

    Source(s): What is a nuchal cord? About 25 percent of babies are born with a nuchal cord (the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck) (1). A nuchal cord, also called nuchal loops, rarely causes any problems. Babies with a nuchal cord are generally healthy. Sometimes fetal monitoring shows heart rate abnormalities during labor and delivery in babies with a nuchal cord. This may reflect pressure on the cord. However, the pressure is rarely serious enough to cause death or any lasting problems, although occasionally a cesarean delivery may be needed. Less frequently, the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around other parts of the baby's body, such as a foot or hand. Generally, this doesn't harm the baby.
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    they should do a sono before ur due date but I had one done and they didnt say anything about the cord and my baby wasn't coming down it took forever too push him out when he finally got down far enough then they realized the cord was around his neck he came out not breathing took about 3 Min's to get him crying freaked me out dont bend over too much the cord can go around the neck from u bending over is what i was told

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