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Hi, i am getting my hair done in a few weeks...?

Does anyone have any pics of purple-ish hair with another colour through it or any pics of redd-ish hair with another colour through it?


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    look it up,

    like "purple coontails" or "red coontails"

    .....if thats what you want.

    and if it is something you want,

    you may regret getting it.

    [like my cousin]

    so maybe extensions?

    [a ton of girls at my school use those...from hot topic]

    i hope i helped. :D

    answer mine?;_ylt=AubhE...

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    Look at Allison Iraheta...

    Her hair is all red with purple streaks

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    wel my hair is redish and black at the it only looks red when im in the sun really kool colour

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