skin problems!!! HELP!?

i have this rash type thing on my arm i have looked and looked and i thought it was psoriasis but it looks nothing like the pictures or the way the articles explain it. its just patches of these bumps they aren't red or anything and doesn't itch that bad, it kinda looks like dry skin thats what i thought it was at first but it won't go away. well it went away for like 4 days but came right back. i exfoliate everyday and use lotion every day, i've tried putting all kinds of stuff on it but nothing is making it go away!!! i'm out of ideas and i really don't have the cash to go to the dr could anyone have any other ideas? i will try anything!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It may be eczema. That's what it sounds like to me.Look it up on google you will find pictures,information,etc. They have creams...And if you dont have money for those you can try virgin olive oil.I heard that works.

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    1 decade ago

    Stop worrying. It sounds like patches of eczema or dermatitis, which are both basically dry skin conditions. I have suffered with this on and off all my life. Go to the chemist and ask for over the counter cortisone cream, it's only a low percentage but it might be enough to clear it up. If not go to the doctor and he'll give you a stronger version. You need to make sure your skin is dried completely after washing, and olive oil rubbed in to the area until you get your cream will help. Also, i know it sounds silly but keep hydrated, by drinking lots of water, helps heaps.

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