is being poor a decision?

I believe continuing to be poor is a decision. There are many different ways that a person can become better and contribute to the world. Some people just don't want to break out of the cycle.


Update 2:

I don't understand how someone can continue to be poor living in a well-established country like the United States. If someone can explain, please do.

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    sometimes,but not always.

    perhaps it is luck

    I come from a poor background,the harder I work ,the luckier and richer I become.

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    This is the philosophy section and yet people do not seem to understand that many great philosophers chose to be poor.

    There are many areas of poor people in the United States. A cycle of poverty exists where certain behaviors are repeated over and over from parents to children.

    Do not get caught up in petty politics. Conservative Christians are too thick to realize that jesus was the epitomy of a liberal douche' and hence many of their policies are not really christian at all.

    Remember that if everyone was rich money would be worthless. Would we want everyone to be rich? Or equal? Or made artificially equal?

    Communism may best work on a small level but on a grand scale it is rather dangerous. In all those countries the masses were excited against the current power structure in an effort to "reach equality". However, another power structure merely gets created. And those who are really sincere about their equality do not have the strength of character to assume power as the wolves in sheeps clothing that are attracted by the power grab potential-Stalin.

    Remember that a lot of noise about equality and rights always comes from below. When these people reach heights of power all that noise of equality frequently gets forgotten. And you have your new oppressor.

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    Yes, It is.

    You Can Try Hard And Get Rich

    But Some People Are Too Lazy And Choses The Easy Way ( Being Poor And Doing All The Easy Bad Works With Almost No Payment)

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    Being poor? at what? I myself am a poor speller.(good thing we got spell checker, it catches most of them)

    I'm assuming you mean money wise. Naturally people will spend just as much money as they have, regardless of the "poor" status.

    Sometimes it's a decision, for those that choose to be that way, that's on them, That's more just being stupid and you can't help that. To others its more just a way of life, and in their own perspectives, They don't consider themselves as being poor, They may look at the rest of the world as living beyond their means and helping with the downfall of society by overcompensation.

    IN general being poor is not a good decision. Unfortunately the reality of life is everyone can't be a doctor and become rich making 7 figure salaries, Or maybe they could if they applied themselves? Unfortunately you have to be informed to make a decision about something. If it's something you grew up around, It's how you see the world. Unless you let the mindset of money corrupt your perspective of life.

    IF i had to decide between just being rich or having to work for every little square inch of what i got, I'm gonna take the latter route every time. And that's it kinda why money will eventually be the downfall of us. Oh wait, it already happened.....I myself was left unaffected(even though the market tanked after i got my house, Which i have to thank being poor, i was able to get in with help for being "low income")....

    The biggest thing i worry about is if i'm happy and those around me are happy. Just as long as that part is taken care or, everything else is just everything else.

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    It can be, for instance many nuns take a vow of poverty, but many times it is not a decision. It is usually the result of poor circumstances. Many whose parents are poor cannot afford to pay for college, but they are not quite poor enough to be eligible for any government funding, thus it becomes a cycle. Many people are also injured and rendered handicapped at work, which may cause them to be poor.

    Source(s): Experience volunteering at Soup Kitchen
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    Yes. People don't have a choice of the circumstance they are raised in, however no matter what circumstance they are in, there is always something they can do to not be poor.. literally the only way it isn't your decision is if you are a slave.

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    If being poor is a decision then being rich is a decision.

    OK show of hands. How many out there want to be rich?

    How many out there ARE rich?

    Yeah, I thought so. Get a life kid, and stop listening to rightwing hate speech. It rots your reasoning capacities and gives you bad breath..

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    Being poor could be a decision. Very simple,...If your poor, study and you'll succeed. If your poor and your stuck in that mentality , you'll never grow out of sub-development, you always have a choice in life.

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    I believe it is a choice. I walked out of highschool and got a hospital job. There are plenty of people who are hiring despite the recession, there are plenty of jobs that pay more than the terrible ones people choose to have (waitresses).

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    A large percentage of the poor are mentally disabled.

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