The best way to learn Russian?

I would like to learn Russian, what's the best way? Also learning the Cyrillic alphabet?


does being 15 help at all?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have been learning Russian language myself for over 7 years and I may tell that the best way to learn a foreign language is total immersion. There are lots of immersion courses and schools that may help you with that. The immersion method itself means that you have to learn a foreign language in a country of residence of native speakers. You have to have everybody speaking the language you learn around, read all those ads, newspapers, tablets in this language and all.

    However, there are a lot of reasons why we can't move to another country. I was pretty upset when I started to learn russian cause I couldn't go to Russia. So I started with TV & radio and found some Russian channels. So that is actually what you can do if you want to practise your Russian listening. There are also hundreds of Russian radio-stations on the Internet. Another trick is to put stickers with the names of things like chair (стул), fridge (холодильник), sugar bowl (сахарница), etc. written on them around the house and your room and read it every time you see them. This will definitely help you to boost your Russian vocabulary in a very short time. Another thing you should do is to pronounce number and digits in Russian every time you take a look at your watches, any signs, etc. try to think in Russian and find a Russian e-pal or friend who speaks Russian in your area. Buy some Russian books by Leo Tolstoy or anybody else and read it from time to time. Don't look every word you don't know in the dictionary, try to guess its meaning and go on. When you come across it again, check your previous suggestion and, if it doesn't make much sense, check up with a dictionary.

    And, finally, the last tip for you. Keep on learning. Even if you see that you understand absolutely nothing. Take a little break and get back to learning again. You have to spend at least 5 hours a day reading, listening, or speaking it. Try to divide your day like 1 hour for listening tasks, 2 hours for reading, 1 hour for speaking, and 1 hour for writing. You will see the results pretty soon, I really mean it.

    Later i got an oppertunity to be in Russia and Istudied russian over there. Now i am a translater working without dictionaries & grammers.

    Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    There are many ways - a trip to your local library, ask librarian to recommend books. Find out about courses, language tandems and Russian cultural centres. This is easy if you live in a big city e.g. in Berlin like I do, but if you live in a small place, try and get to know Russians in your community.

    When they hear that you want to learn Russian they should be happy to teach you.

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    6 years ago

    best way to learn russian and not only language is to merry russian man, so good luck!

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