What happens when i use one of the famous brand names as also a part of my brand. for example yahoo pictures?

I want to open up a company but use another famous brand name as a part of my company name or Brand, The example is Yahoo Pictures.

Am i aganist the law?,

What does the law say a bout this act?

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    1 decade ago
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    You can't do that. You will get served with a Cease & Desist order and get sued. You are obviously trying to trade on someone else's good name & reputation. They own the trademark, you don't.

    What cave you been living in all your life?


  • 1 decade ago

    yes,you are breaking the copywright rules of indian govt.

    i have very littel knowlegde but it is true.

    The indian govt. introduce copywright law to prevent the copywright activity aginst the all activity regarding the copy product.

    i advice you to use niche marketing activity(one of marketing practice which is used by many newly bussiness starting person.In which they using same practices of well known organization,but the name of the company or product is different from them.

    so i advice to do niche marketing...

    Best of Luck..

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