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Is this a real best friend?

Ok so me and my friend and my cousin are going to see britney spears in september. I asked my friend if he would like to come and he said yes. We bought tickets and everything was fine.

He agreed to go if I would go to warped with him and I paid some of his warped ticket too because he said he didnt have money, but later on commented that he couldnt believe he had money to buy weed but not to pay his warped ticket (LIAR!) We went to warped about a month ago.

But yesterday he told me that he didnt want to go see britney anymore

and he was trying to sell the ticket because he saw a bag he liked.

This is my "best friend"

what do you think of this?

is this a good person to have in my life?

please help!!

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    Tell your friend how you feel and go from there if he respects your feelings and tries to change he is a real friend if he acts as if he doesn't care that he made you feel bad then walk away. Always give them a chance to change cause every one makes mistakes but don't be nobody's fool, " fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" someone in history said this words so here you use them now.

    Source(s): life experiences, someone in history
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    Did you express how much you wanted to go? If not, you could always buy the ticket from him, then give it to him. ( MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T SELL IT AGAIN FOR WEED, if he does you'll know he's not a good friend) You'll get to go with him, he gets money for his bag, and everythings good. Amke sure that you know if he really wants to go before u buy if from him. Hope this helps :S

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    you should say that he should stop doing that stuff because it can damage and if he dont listen to you then he is not a friend if he choses that over you then he is defenitly not a good friend

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