I put in many job applications a week, and still no one calls me. Anyone else have this problem?

Im 25 years old, have a lot of customer service experience, and a BS in psychology. I have a lot of skills excellent at computer and typing. I feel like I put in job applications all the time and no one will call me back for the LIFE of me, not even for an interview, much less a job offer. Live on the oregon/washington border.

I had one interview for a different position within the company I currently work for. Seemed like they liked me, they said they would call me by the end of last week, monday at the LATEST.. Now its tuesday and still nothing. Why are they doing this to me? Do I even deserve to be treated like that and why are they playing games with me. What the heck, I know the economy is bad, but do they just interview just to prove they did an interview? the worst part is I really thought they liked me too. Its fine if they dont want me, but why couldn't they just call and tell me on the day they said they would?

I feel hopeless.

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    Unfortunately, not everything works out the way we think it should. There is a lot of competition in the job market right now, and employers have an opportunity to be very picky, due to the fact that they have a lot of qualified applicants to choose from. There may be many people that are great for the job, but any number of factors can influence the final decision.

    Luckily, you are already working within the company. This bodes well for you in the overall selection process, because your employer already "knows" you, and can promote from within, which is economical for the overall company in that training will be cheaper. (since you already know the system and you are not such a risk as hiring someone from outside the company.) Don't worry if they didn't call you on Monday...I'm sure they are just making sure they make the best decision for the company, and hopefully you will be the answer they are looking for. They will let you know in their own time, so just be patient and know that you have done your best. Best of luck to you! Cheers!

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    its hard to know how to answer without seeing your resume.

    somehow you need to stand out from the crowd.

    try this.....put yourself in the companies position... they probably get thousands of resumes and people think that they spend hours reading each one from start to finish. make it easy for them. TIPS.

    1. dont put your age on your resume... they dont have to know this. the reason you dont get call backs could be something as simple as this.

    2.after the initial page of all your personal information, do a second page headed "synopsis of relevant experience" and then bullet point as many things that you have. ( this saves them reading the whole resume).

    3 if and when you go in for an interview take in a diary with you, open it to the day of the interview and have prepared questions...ask them things you really want to know. maybe you wont like working for them, find out! eg. describe the work atmosphere, the average agegroup, initial and ongoing training, chances for promotion, ask about their biggest competitors and how they see that they have the edge over them, do they have a clear picture for the future of the company? etc. etc.

    4. might be a good idea to take your resume to a professional who does them... could be good to invest this money so yours stands out.

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    Ummm... it's called a recession. There's budget cuts everywhere.

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