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What is a good song with a good meaning in it?

Maybe the meaing is everyone is different??

Everyone is equal?

Perfection isnt real?

Or something else?

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    Stupid Girls by Pink.

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    I automatically thought of an old song by Joe South "Walk a mile in my shoes"

    Some of the lyrics:

    Well I may be common people, but I'm your brother

    and when you strike out to try to hurt me,

    it's hurting you

    before you abuse, criticize, and accuse

    walk a mile in my shoes

    The song talks about how everyone is different, and also how everyone is throwing stones at one another because they think that they are better than others, and not be so racist, critical, and accusing of each other, because we don't see things the way others see them, but we should realize that we are all one, that should work together for the better of the world.

    I know it's an older song, and some people do not like older songs, but I never really know which ones like what.

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    I like that song "I Believe" from the movie Honey

    "I found myself today

    Oh, I found myself and ran away

    But something held me back

    A voice of reason I forgot I had

    All I know is you're not here to say

    "No I won't give up

    No I won't look down

    Sooner than it seems, life turns around

    And I will be strong, even if it all goes wrong

    When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

    Someone's watching over me"

    That's "Someone's Watching Over Me' by Hilary Duff

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    Well you can choose "White Pearl, Black Oceans" by Sonata Arctica (you'll be dumbfounded when you listen to it with lyrics, the story is just ridiculous XD)

    Or if you really want to be all "equal" then Black or White by Michael Jackson.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well a good song i know is

    everything by lifehouse

    the meaning is even if u r at ur worse there is someone or something that can lift u up n help u!

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    1 decade ago

    I badly want to say "Trees" by Rush.

    If you want something about fighting for equality, "Power of Equality" by RHCP or even "Fight Like a Brave"

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    One Headlight bythe wallflowers

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    black or white-michael jackson

    jesus take the wheel - carey underwood

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    Perfect Lie - Nip/Tuck

    Gorecki - Lamb

    World Hold On - *dunno the artist*

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