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What do you think of this news?

What do you think if some Japanese right-wing call WWII in pacific as the Greater East Asia War. and say that

“the war was intended for Japan’s self-existence and self-defense’’ !!!!

And the group say that on a book which later turned to be a textbook for junior high schools kids in yokohama japan!

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    This would all depend on the full paragraph this excerpt comes from. Any sentence translated into english can be read as propaganda, only in full can we Truly understand why this made it into a school textbook. it does feel as though it would read "the war was intended for Japan's self-existence and self defense...However..." and then it goes onto explain why the statement was wrong or flawed.

    It is fine with me that they refer to it as The Greater East Asia war, it's no different to europeans referring to WW1 as The Great war.

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    Like it or not, that was the intention to a certain degree. However, the young'uns need to know why this mindset was midguided.

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    i think it's old news

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    This is why the Koreans and Chinese often burn flags.

    I want to say this:

    1. The Japanese people here on Y! Answers seem very internationally minded and not right wing types, so I am not accusing you.

    2. The goverment of Japan is very poor. I like Japan but I hate the government.

    3. In China, North Korea, (and even S. Korea), the goverment uses Japan as a scapegoat. Just like Hilter did with the Jews, or the Iranians with the Americans.

    4. I often hear Japanese people say"We've said sorry a million times! How many more times do we have to say it!?"

    A: Well, instead of saying sorry you should elect politicians who are not trying to rewrite history and lie to their own children.

    Here's a little background information















    Since 1997 the mention of comfort women (sex slaves) was omitted, and the word "invasion" was replaced by "advance."....{The writer of the blog goes on to say} "We are going to vehemently protest this.

    In Japan, about 60% of people don't care about history, they have their own lives, and then 20% are right wing creeps, and the other 20% are a mix of left-wing liberals, more internationally minded people, and contrarians.

    Boy if you think that's bad, listen to the Answers section at This is a right wing Japanese troll at!


    "The Great Asian war was a holy war to liberate Asia from the tyranny of white people."

    (anonymous poster)--And my translation is faithful--look it up if you don't believe me.

    This is one of the millions anonymous Japanese people that vote for the guys that say "Koreans liked being a part of the Japanese empire," and make tensions in Asia flair.

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