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can you be friends again after 4 years?

i knew this girl from our college days and she was a bit of a "look at me" type of girl, but even so i liked her, we had loads in common, the only times she did annoy me was when we went out to places on a "girls" night, she would more often then not, go and see her boyfriend! and she would either stay with him, so i was on my own with them cuddling and whatever or he would come out with us and sometimes she would cheat on him

anyway, 4 years ago i was invited to her birthday do, i knew it was gonna be bad and i dont like saying no, so i went along

omg it was awful. they were all dressed up like bunny girls from playboy - and she didnt even tell me that was the theme! so i made up an excuse and said i would come back, but i didnt, i just left

now 4 years on i want to see how she is and whats been happening, but how do i go about it? and tbh i dunno if i should even do it, as we havent spoken since.

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    Why do you want to see her now?

    From what you say, it doesn't seem like you had a deep, valuable friendship of any sort.

    In college she a bit 'out there' it seems and a lot of girls are like that at college, really. Perhaps she has changed now, who knows?

    Anyway, you both didnt keep in touch for 4 years - so what is the point in meeting up now? If you guys were such good friends, one of you would have at least made the effort to stay in touch.

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