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i have two phones connected to the same number.My friend uses the phone for maximum of the time.how can i cut?

i want to cut the phone without his knowledge and wanna use the phone.please help me?can you email me at sriramtejo@yahoo.com

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    Do you guys split the monthly cost to use the phone? If so out of respect, I think you should confront him/her about using the phone way too much. If you can divide the minutes in half and inform him/her about the allotted time each user has to use the number that should also work.

    If you want to be rude and not care about your firend getting then just cut it.

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    There are a number of ways to cut his usage.

    1. Call the phone company and disconnect his line.

    2. Call the phone company and limit his phone to a certain amount of minutes.

    3. Steal his phone and throw it away.

    4. Confront him

    If you tried to cut him from your service, he would find out. So you cannot cut the phone without his knowledge. He would wonder why his phone stopped working, and probably call the phone company.

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