Can the quantum computer solve the problems associated with making Star Trek’s Transporter work?

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    The operation of quantum computers does involve teleportation. So they are related. But the teleportation used in quantum computing is not Star Trek style teleportation. And the teleportation is needed for the quantum computer to work, not the other way around. Therefore, the answer you are looking for is no.

    Quantum computers, like regular (or classical) computers, require the ability to transfer information (or bits... or qubits) around the processor. A convenient and useful way to do that is through what is called 'quantum teleportation'. This teleportation involves entanglement and allows the state of one particle or system to be teleported to the state of another particle or system. Notice that it is the state of the particle, not the particle itself, that is being teleported.i In theory, a human is also a state of a system. So you could conceivably use the same idea to teleport a human. But the difference is that the system that a human is the state of is very very very very complicated and we have no way (nor any idea of a way) to control that system. On the other hand, the systems in quantum computers are relatively simple and we have exquisite control over those systems. And even then, we can only teleport with 70% fidelity or so, which means the state after teleportation is only 70% similar to what it waw before teleprotation. Given our complete lack of control over the human system, the idea of using this method to teleport a person is unthinkable at this time and will remain that way for centuries, if it is ever possible. I personally doubt it will ever be possible. However, at the same time, one should realize that quantum teleportation maintains the quantum state of the system, but for human teleportation, the quantum state is quite irrelevant, since it changes constantly anyways. So quantum teleportation would be way more accurate than teleportation would need to be, as we would never notice if our quantum state was altered. None the less, Star Trek teleportation remains far fetched and well beyond our current technology, even IF we had quantum computers.

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    Quantum computers use quantum teleportation to move quantum bits (qubits) of information around inside the quantum computer. Quantum teleportation enables moving quantum information nondestructively.

    Now, obviously, Star Trek never went into the "how" of the transporter technology. It's JFM (just frick'in magic). However, the only known way to move quantum information is through quantum teleportation, which as a previous responder replied, is done through multi-particle entanglement.

    Now, today's quantum computers are limited to just a few qubits, which is far shy of the massive complexity of the human body. However, assuming our consciousness is quantum (which I believe to be the case, as do luminaries such as Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff), then quantum teleportation might be the ONLY mechanism for ever hoping to teleport a human.

    As the other answerer correctly points out, it will be a long, long, long, long, long time, if ever, before we can teleport a human. So I wouldn't start holding my breath.

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    Teleportation can only work on quantum particles that are entangled in such a way that one aspect(such as the spin) of the particle can be sent over any distance instantaneously. Since all quantum particles are identical one can assume that the whole particle was sent and not just it's spin.

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