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I have an outie? No one knows i have one...?

i'm a girl, going to 8th grade. i have an outie... and the thing is no one knows i have one except my family. however, in second grade, my shirt was accidentally lifted too high in the changing room, and one of my classmates saw it, and she was like, "eww!! what is that thing?" to my belly button. i was so embarrassed, i almost started crying. also in fourth grade when i went to a new school, my best friend asked if she could see my belly button. and i said, "why?" and she said, "i'll show you mine!!", and she did show me. and i remember she was a perfect innie... and then i said, "no, i will not show you my belly button." and we stopped talking. now, i'm going to eighth grade, in the same school, and still have the same best friend... and i think she is a true BFF since i've known her for so long, and she told me all her secrets. should i tell her i have an outie? do you think she'll be grossed out?

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    Sounds like you're grossed about it. Although you can't help having one now can you? Until you are secure about it I wouldn't tell. There's no point in it anyway.

    Source(s): Never tell anything that would make you ashamed if someone else knew about it.
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    I don't understand why it is so gross to have an outie. I really don't get why you think so low of yourself and your whole self identity is attached to how some 4th grader reacted to you. Stop being ashamed of yourself. If you react ashamed when someone sees it then you give them the wrong impression! That is, that their ignorance is right! If however you own it, meaning show it, and act as if there is nothing wrong, and it is perfectly normal, cause it is sweetie. Some people simply have more innies than outies that does not make you a freak. You have to start believing it yourself and not hating it yourself before you gain acceptance from others. As for your friends, I know children can be cruel and a little silly cause you guys are afterall children, but to lose a friendship over an outie, well that just sounds absurd to me. But like I said half the battle is your attitude towards yourself! So would I say something, no I wouldn't, cause I do not think it is something that would be worth speaking about, it doesn't define you, so don't make it a dertermining factor of your acceptance by others. And even if your friend sees it, and says "eww! gross" just say "what's the big deal, prhaps it isn't the same as yours, it doesn't mean it's gross, it's just a feakin belly button after all!" By reacting like this means that you dismiss her disgust and don't accept her silly belief as something that is true. That is what you will say, get it!

    I am sorry something like this has made your formative years a little difficult, but really you should be thankful, cause you really don't have something seriously wrong with you. So start loving yourself, and respecting yourself and so will others.

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    i dont think anything is wrong with an outie even though i am an innie!! billions of people in this world have outies and there is nothing wrong with it and no one should be grossed out with the fact that ur a little different u should be proud!!!!!!!!!

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    just don't act like it's a huge deal and people probably won't take notice.

    mines like a half and half, so there is no "hole" but it doesn't stick out from my stomach. no one has ever said anything except for like nonchalantly saying yours is different, or wait that's not how mine is.

    It's just a belly button after all =)

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    wel if i was you bestfriedn i be like

    " oky thats cool my cousin has one "

    but i'm not so it really shouldnt be a big deal cuz the 2nd grade was just really immature

    so you can go ahead & tell her she might just laugh && be like that why you wouldnt show me yur belly button

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    Yah sure! It's just a bellybutton.. no big deal lol. I think she will totally be fine with it and just say "cool!" haha. Don't be afraid bc the truth will come out someday :]

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    i have an outie too. its no big deal. just tell her. then you gise can just talk about it. its not a big deal its just an outie!

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    I think if she’s a true bff she wouldn’t treat you any differently.


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    its a bellie button? WTF who cares thats stupid if people treat you difrrintley caus of that!! lol

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