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Is Standard/Regular Cable Still Available?

Im talking the "old school" cable wire that you get installed throughout the entire house. One cable wire that runs to your house. No digital through phone line, no modems, no dishes. Is this still available from a cable company in Atlanta/metro atlanta? If so, what company do i get in contact w/?

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    What an odd question. Yes, of course it is still available. No company forces you to buy their entire package. No cable company will use a satellite dish. Most customers only have cable and most do not even have digital cable (they don't have any boxes).

    Standard cable isn't that much. Basically channels 1-100

    BASIC cable is even simpler, just local channels and perhaps a few others, and runs about $8 a month.

    Digital Cable is when you need a box to get the extra channels, usually 1-1000 or so (with a lot of repeats and un-used channel numbers).


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