my bf won't give me my dog because I broke up with him?

he bought her for me as a "6month annaversary" present, put her in his name, and was constantly taking her from me, and saying she was "his" (some present) Then I broke up with him because he was manipulative, and emotionally abusive. Now he says I"M a *****, and a slut, and a horrible person, and he will NEVER give her back. I love her, and yet I'm not about to start court drama over her. I'm now safe with my parents, and starting school, getting a car, and my life back. Would now be a good time to get a new puppy? and also I don't want to get on and feel like she is a rebound puppy (I have been away from my puppy for a few months now so it is not as hard)

what do you think?

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  • Grace
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    1 decade ago
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    If the dog is in his name, legally it is his. Sorry.

    Just get one on your own. One you pick out.

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