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Should I be angry at him...?

The present I gave my bf was about 135 pages from my diary that I wrote while he was gone, and it was all about him. Don't worry I read every entry about 28 times before I have it to him.


Our first anniversary is on august 15 but were celebrating today because I'm leaving on a 3 week vacation to Europe tomorrow. We hung out all day and went out for dinner and split the check. For his gift I got him the journal entries I wrote while he was gone for a week in London, and he said that he would write me a song but didn't get to do it and wanted to give me something else but I told him that I couldn't take it from him because it was too special to him and wouldn't be nearly as special to me, so he gave me this beat up ol necklace he found a few years ago. He just did the other present that I didn't take and the necklace as a last minute thing because it was too late for him to start on the song and he didn't have time to go shopping, which is bs.

I feel so mad that he didn't actually think about this (we've been planning this day since June) and get me a gift that he knew would be meaningful but idk if I should be mad or not because today was a really nice day and he learned a couple of hours ago that his aunt might be having a heart attack. Am I mad for a legit reason?


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    yeah you can be a little mad, but remember guys suck at presents haha so go easy on him

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