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Treatment for turtle with sell rot?

The turtle i have lives in a outdoor pond, and im pretty sure e has shell rot. He has 3 areas on the shell that are soft and look grey/purple color. one of the spots has a little red dot in the middle thats under and llooks like blood. and the back of the top sheel is very soft and flexible.

I cannot take him to the vet because no one in the area treats turtles.

I heard i could use iodine?

so for now he is kept seperate in side with less then a inch of water and a dry area with a light for basking.

how do i treat his shell rot?

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    kittenslayer basically said what I was going to say

    we use the sulfa dip and we make sure they are getting plenty of calcium as well...we seperate the turtle into a tank and usually add liquid calcium to the tank so they can get plenty of it

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    They have OTC sulfa-dips that you can try, but the most effective stuff is actual medicine.

    You want to clean the areas really well with a mild soap and disinfect them with an anti-septic (Try and get Novalsan, hydrogen peroxide and betadine can be damaging to healthy cells and slow down healing) and then apply Silver Sulfadiazene if you can get it. Its an antibiotic cream developed for burn victims, so its really good at penetrating thick reptile skin and shells. Even if there's no herp vet in your area, you might find a vet willing to hook you up with a prescription.

    This website has some very useful info for treatment of mild shell rot

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