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Is it just me, or is everyone in the world an asshole these days?

I'm in my late 30's, a filmmaker and love to watch people. I'm the guy that would be quietest in a conversation because I don't feel the need to compete and be the biggest mouth in the room. I'm happy just watching and listening. Lately, I'm getting seriously worried. Everyone I encounter seems to be a total, awesome asshole: superiority complex; judgmental toward everyone; narcissistic; belligerent; unable to connect on a human level (you know...without a phone, but face-to-face).

In a nutshell, my question is: does anyone care about anyone outside of themselves and their Facebook "friends?" Is there a competition taking place to prove yourself as the biggest, coldest douche-bag in existence?

A lot of youth are aggressively ageist and that's obviously just something to hide behind. I feel sorry for these upcoming generations as they age and realize there's more to life than just texting and watching YouTube.

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    I do know what you mean-though to me (49) you seem quite young. Just a point to not get to cynical-you've got a lot of years ahead to be crabby! Ha! I really do think a lot of the horrible reality shows etc don't help either. My family never acted like that or expected those things.

    I did go to the Galaxy vs Barcelona Game at the Pasadena Rose Bowl this last Saturday night and in the mass of 93,000 people ,I realized that basically most of them were having fun and NOT being jerks. Not to many cuss words,or shoving people either. What a surprise as we actually ended up being in the most rowdy section and had to stand almost the whole game. People migrated to their cars in a decent manner and I only saw one idiot (a pet peeve) throw trash on the ground. I do go on Facebook about once a week but I don't "live" there. As a freelance wildlife artist I have been surprised at the great feedback I get for my work on Ebay and by commission. I have actual cyber friend across the states and world wide due to my work. Yet I still feel that I am a small frog in a big pond. Always someone better and someone worse than me. I volunteer art and mural work with local schools and donate art to abuse centers and senior centers. It comes back-always. Yes, I do know what you are saying-but I think that us nice guys are just quieter-but still out there.

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    I think people always have been. Its just more noticeable because population is out of control. I m 42yrs old and don t think to much about mankind. Animal kingdom different story. It started as a child where it was very hard to make a friend and if I did find a friend they would dump me for a person that was either much more fickle minded, less loyal, more gossip, more untrustworthy than me. My integrity , loyalty and old fashioned moral value is all I ve ever really had in this life. That kind of continued in theme my whole life. All I see is very self absorbed people. Users. You mentioned facebook and I was just thinking about that and how people are on there preaching about what other people should or shouldn t do but are hypocrites, they want all the "likes but never give any and apparently spend more time taking selfies to show off than to actually live life. People do not appreciate nor are considerate at all anymore. They don t appreciate a favor nor return them. I think society is spending way to much time on the phone and social media that they wont even remember how to have casual face to face conversation anymore. So if you anything like me , tender hearted, good character and morals , considerate , caring , feeling totally out of place most of the time , then yes Id have to say you are seeing the truth of what the world has become and it will only get worse

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    No, I have a sign on my car that says, "Jesus Loves You. Everyone else thinks your an asshole" Most people don't seem to realize that it includes me also. So thare are aleast three people that think this way.

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  • 1 decade ago one gives a "phuck" anymore ! (have some ice-cream, you'll feel much better)

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    I am nice hugz!!!

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