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Should medical marijuana be used to treat depression also? It definitely is a great way to cheer somebody up.?

Should medical marijuana be legalized for and used to treat depression also? It definitely is a great way to cheer somebody up, as well as being far healthier than antidepressant pharmaceuticals.

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    Honestly I believe it should be straight up legalized and just have the **** taxed out of it... it would end up being cheaper anyways because the price of anything illegal is a lot higher than it should be. It would help get rid of our debt... if u can't beat em join em. So, yes it SHOULD definately be legal to use for depression.

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    You know, i'm a bit weary regarding its benefits for depression. I think its a great appetite stimulator (for those suffering from cancer/treatment, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, etc); its helpful in treating glaucoma, and eye/sight disorders; a good relaxant for those with sleeping disorders (insomnia, etc) but when it comes to diagnosed aniexty and depression problems its hard to prescribe a dosage that would be helpful. Sometimes I find marijuana to depress and cause anxiety even more for myself. its something that those with depression and anxiety should be careful with because it can have some powerful negative side effects.

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    Silver Lining-Kacey Musgraves

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    I used to use it years ago for pain and anxiety. I don't know about deperession though, to be honest when I was on it I was only happy if I was constantly high, then when I ran out I was a witch and very depressed, not only that but when you are high all the time you are not as productive and what they say is true, It does kill your brain cells and affect your memory. I am living proof of that. :)

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    I hope it could be treat as legal as well for the cause of treating those persons who have suffered in physical and emotional depressions.

    Marijuana can help you cheer your mental disorder and boost your self esteem.

    But I do hope using this kind of herb it would not be tolerated it by used as an addiction.

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    Where is the evidence that smoking anything is healthier than antidepressants?

    Marijuana is no joke. Talk to people that have smoked it for many years.

    Oh you can't they're all dead.

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    am agree with you if you need anything medical marijuana or antidepressant pharmaceuticals you can get help from / my exprience you can get what you are lookin for .

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    No, It can cause phycosis !

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