I need some last names........?

............for the people in my story. The names are Lydia, Carter, Jesse and James, Weston, Julia, Vincent, Desmond, Angelika, and Cornelia

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    Try something unique and fun, for example, if Lydia is a boring person, her last name could be something like Aburre.

    Use the Google Translator to change some of their characteristics into another language, and see how that sounds as a last name.

    I just guessed at Lydia because I already knew the word aburre, I'm not downing your characters or anything, haha.

    Oh, here's the site, to save you a search:


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    Lydia Stevens

    Lydia Rolland

    Carter Shepstone

    Carter Landroy

    Jesse Wilson

    Jesse Thompson

    James Everett

    James Axell

    Weston Winters

    Weston Rupertson

    Julia Sheppard

    Julia Cann

    Vincent Styles

    Vincent George

    Desmond Wallace

    Desmond Sears

    Angelika Sails

    Angelika Prague

    Cornelia Felton

    Cornelia Fickles

    Hope this helps

    Rose x

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    1 decade ago

    Lydia Espiritu

    Carter Liddell

    Jesse Emelianenko

    James Watson

    Weston Stalin

    Julia Albert

    Vincent Cordia

    Desmond Turkson

    Angelika Panlileo

    Cornelia Churchill

  • Try last-names.net, they have a lot.


    Lydia Conway

    Carter Simpson

    Jesse and James Kinsler

    Weston McKinney

    Julia Larkin

    Vincent Meade

    Desmond Stone

    Angelika Warren

    Cornelia Powell

    Source(s): Random last names from an old yearbook
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  • 1 decade ago

    how about

    Lydia watson Angelica vienna Cornelia sanchez

    Carter venice

    Jesse Hannah

    James paterson

    Weston daniel

    julia robert

    Vincent wellington

    Desmond santiago

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