How do you think the mother-in-law has fixed the swimwear?

I bought most of these bikinis and swimsuits for my wife for our honeymoon we went on a couple of months ago.

The mother-in-law saw some of the pics of my wife in them and told my wife they were not right for a now married woman to wear and offered to "PUT THEM OUT OF ACTION"

At some point recently the mother-in-law got hold of the bikinis and swimsuits and even though I asked her to give them back and had an argument with her about it.

She refused to give the swimwear back, saying that she would only give them back when she has finished "DOCTORING" them.

The mother-in-law clearly dislikes the swimwear and I am wondering what she means by "doctoring or as she originally said Put Them Out of Action".

I tried again last night to get the swimwear back from her and she told me

"You are too late I have already well and truly fixed all the bikinis and most of the swimsuits apart from that black one with the ring at the front and that skimpy pink thing "

These are the garments involved

How do you think she could have "fixed" the bikinis and swimsuits as I cannot see how she could do so?

Also do you think that by "Doctoring, Fixed and Put Out Of Action" that the likelihood is that the bikinis and swimsuits will not be wearable or is this her intention to make sure they cannot be worn again?

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    Well, I know you might think you have a "real Problem" on your hands, but I find it quite laughable. She's your wife, if you want her to wear those, then it should be fine with your mother-in-law. If not, tell her you didn't ask for her opinion and you would like the bathing suits back. (of course in a respectful manner)

  • 1 decade ago

    I did not check out the photos but next the mother in law will be dictating what lingire you should wear in the bedroom.

  • Zaali
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    1 decade ago

    hahah! she gonna do voodoo with that so that your wife wears only respectable clothes (i mean nerd clothes, infact) and that you desire her even if she looks like a cow or donkey or whatever!

    Next time your MIL does that tell her : my sweet MIL, im sorry to tell you that, but i married your daughter , NOT YOU! and i f*cuk her only , NOT YOU. so get off!!! LOL

  • .
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    1 decade ago

    You're crazy.

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