How to convince my principal to have a Senior class grad trip?

I am starting a petition on Facebook for our Senior class (2010) to have a graduation trip somewhere, but I dont know exactly how to approach my principal in doing so. I'm not even a class president or anything so I know it will be difficult. Should I give her some information on it or just ask her plainly? A lot of people are wanting to go on this trip. And then there is the problem on how we should fund it, also.

Does anybody have any idea how I should ask my principal in a respectable manner?

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    You should probably plan it out and talk to the class president, student council, etc. about it first, before asking your Principal. Maybe if she sees how much you (and everyone else) wants this, and are willing to put effort into it, then she might. Though, you have to think about it in her perspective. Would she waste money for a graduation trip that's absolutely unneeded, or use that money for the school, instead? With today's economy, don't expect too much.

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    1. Be able to answer questions your principal may have. IE- why should you go? How can your principal better ensure your safety?

    2. Be realistic about location, time frame and etc

    3. Try to see the situation from your principals/parents eyes/

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    get abunch of seniors to sign a patition

    get like abunch of ppl to the principal and ask the same thing also.

    Do Something at your school to raise money to hel pay for it.


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