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what is going to bankrupt america fastest? The wars? the bailouts? cash for clunkers?

why not buy back all of those used tanks from iraq and afghanistan ?

They should be worth a fortune.

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    America is already in debt, and I believe these programs are going to stimulate the economy just a tad. Never agreed with the wars. But just to make a point, theres really no such thing as a "bailout." The only reason banks got bailouts is because people were bailing out on THEM and taking their money and not paying it back, or filing for bankruptcy. So the people who really got the bailout are the ones who used all the banks' money and never paid it back. As for cash for clunkers, there are a lot of silly stipulations that go along with it, such as having to have the car insured for a year, it has to be less than 25 years old, and has to have a pretty ridiculous low MPG rating. Personally, I have a clunker and so do a lot of my coworkers, and none of us qualify for the program. Those that do prolly are too poor to have the car insured or to be able to buy a new car, otherwise they would have bought one already.

    so to be quite frank, i doubt much of anyone will actually be doing cash for clunkers, it sounds more like a coverup scam. my personal belief, we should do that stimulus package that Bush did that one year where everyone got $500.00.

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    ...The Obama Administration has "run America into the financial ditch" far more greater than any Presidential Administration in history... In just "6" months since "Barry" took office he's set a course, with his over 40 CZARS, that will bankrupt America in about another 12 to 18 months... (fasten your seat belt, this his going to be one hell'of'a'ride)...

    ...enjoy "the Change" !

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    the government is using up all their money for iraq and afghanistan and frankly i think it's stupid.

    credit cards, the wars, and greed will bankrupt america fastest.

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